Thursday, January 26, 2012

Post-Settlement Review...ALREADY??!!

Where has the time gone?  Our PM was over tonight going over the punch list we have been making since we moved in.  It started out as a piece of paper on a legal pad, and each time we saw something we would jot it down.  My wife took it to work today to type it up and put it in some sort of coherent order.

Our PM was very happy to have the list, as opposed to walking the house and us trying to remember what we saw.  Overall it was just a lot of "finishing" type things, the only major item was the handle on our coat closet in the foyer stopped working one day(of course when it was closed), and I had to take the hinge pins out to open it, and we have had a shoe stopping it from closing again.  They set up a time to come back out on Wednesday to correct everything.

I seems like it has been one big blur since we moved in.  We have gotten alot done, but there still seems like alot to do.  We hope to keep painting, maybe one room a weekend until we are done, guest bedroom and extra bedroom aside.  But all the other areas we want to get done.  We have hung very little on our walls...with the exception of our daughters room.  She has made that quite her little fortress of solitude.  And my area downstairs is pretty much the way I want it.  With the exception of the stand-up Defender arcade game I want to get...and the requisite Dogs Playing Poker print.

I will leave you with some shots of the basement, and will post some from the other rooms in the house in the coming days.

My "office".  I think the Las Vegas print hides the electrical panel quite nicely.

Screaming for paint.

Opus from the Bloom County comic strip keeps an eye on things.

All our old living room furniture has been moved downstairs. Really need a CD/DVD rack. 

The floor lamp is serving as a placeholder for that Defender machine.


  1. Looking good. Really like the recessed lighting too.

  2. Looks like you're all settled into the basement nicely. We'll also be getting an arcade machine at some point, Dan's friend builds them and puts like every arcade, atari and nintendo game on them plus it's also a jukebox.

    Did you have any issues getting furniture or the tv into the basement (or do you have a walk-out)?

  3. The movers didn't have any problems getting the stuff downstairs. I took the door and handrails off before they arrived, just in case they needed more room.