Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's Fandemonium

I started to tackle the ceiling fan installations at our house, and figured since the painting was still going on in our daughters room, I would start there.

With the ceiling fan rough-ins already there, it was a rather straightforward job wiring-wise.  The assembly of the fan itself could have been a little easier.  Either instructions are getting harder to decipher for me, or they are not written as clearly as they used to be.

Either way, I got the fan and light installed and wired in fairly short order.  The only glitch, and I think this was on me was putting the slide control on the wall plate.  I though the fan switch was the one closest to the door, but its actually the one furthest away from the door.  So I will have to switch them around tomorrow, as its the start of the New Year we have to go to a family get-together for the obligatory pork and sauerkraut.



I also swapped out two of our can lights over the island with some ceiling-to-pendant light kits from Lowe's.  These were simplicity itself to install, just have to shorten the cords to your desired length, and buy your globes of choice.


  1. Lots of fan-related posts by people lately.

  2. Such fantastic posts. Still need to find ours. But we still have time, I think. Settlement is still TBD in the next week or so.

  3. ironic, I didn't know about the conversion kit until yesterday when I was perusing the local Mennards. Now I see you installing it. Nice!
    Gina, are we competing for closing? we are looking at the 10th.