Thursday, December 29, 2011

Done and Done

WHEW!!!!  What a day today has been.

Started off at the Title Office bright and early at 9AM.  Everything there went really well.  The only "glitch" if you could call it that was that they didn't have all the paperwork sent to them from NVR when we began the signing process, but after a few trips to the copier as we were signing, they had it all.  We were in and out in under an hour.

Since apparently you have to something out of the ordinary happen, my email indicator went off during one of the Title Officer's trips to the copier...and it was our Loan Officer asking how closing went, and that they needed a copy of my wife's latest pay stub!  Found that to be rather humorous.

After the Title Office, we went to a local furniture superstore but could find absolutely nothing that caught our eye enough to buy.  We had shopped at another furniture store in our area, and had a pretty good idea of what we wanted from there, but we thought we would try the other one just so we did our due diligence for furniture shopping.

Next we headed to furniture store number 2 where we had planned on getting our stuff, and found out the sales rep we had been dealing with was off.  I'm the type that if I have had any sort of dealings with a salesperson I will do my best to go back to that person on return trips.  And since up until this point we have only looked at things, I felt like I should do business with the sales person who had taken so much time to help us out.  Given the nature of the sales business, I wanted to make sure our original salesperson would get her due credit for this sale, and once that assurance was given we detailed what we wanted to the new person.  By this time it was time to go to the walk-though, so we said we would be back afterwards.

Got to our house and our PM was there with everything ready for us to look over.  This took about an hour and a half, and he was very through and answered all our questions, and even though there were some minor touch-ups that needed done, we felt comfortable signing off on our sheet.  We had been there enough during construction that we feel everything out of the ordinary was caught, and the little things WBTCO.  And for that matter, we got an email from our PM at 7 o'clock that he was done for the night, and locked the house up, but had one last thing to do and wanted to know what time tomorrow someone would be there since we now had the keys.

Next it was back out to the sis-in-laws to retrieve our daughter, and then back to the furniture store.  All the paperwork was done, items located and we added a couple more things just for good measure.  So now we have some new furniture headed our way on moving week.

Then it was off to Sherwin Williams for some paint for our daughters room, and Home Depot for the supplies, which is a project for tomorrow.

So, I AM BEAT!!!  And its not a good tired like from a hard days work or a gym workout and run.  No, this is a mentally exhausting beat and its time for bed.

Have a good-night everybody!! 

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  1. congrats. sounds like you have a chore list already! haha.