Sunday, October 9, 2011

Colors and final choices.

September 12, 2011

Since it was getting close to the cutoff date for our final selections, we made an appointment with our rep to make the choices for the house colors, and the additional upgrades from the master selection sheet.

Here is what we chose for the house.

  • Graphite Gray Siding
  • Black Shutters
  • Burgundy Entrance Door
  • White Exterior Trim & Accent Color
  • Georgian Gray Shake Siding
  • Bucks County Stone Color
  • White Garage Door
  • Dimensional Black Roof Shingles
  • Aspen Ledgestone Fireplace
The additional upgrades we chose were:

  • Recessed lights above fireplace
  • Laundry tub in basement
  • Cabinet and vanity hardware - Satin Nickle finish
  • White Cabinets in Owners and Secondary Baths
We initially chose the additional coach light for the garage, but in doing some of the paperwork, the rep found that it was included with our elevation, so that cost came back off.

Previously, I mentioned there would be more information about our pine railing for the stairs, and this is what happened.  When we made the purchase agreement, we chose the railing and spindle option for our staircase, which in the Venice model used to be the lower part of the staircase, and when you turned on the landing, it was a capped wall going up to the second floor.
Well, it turns out that Ryan has changed that, to now when you pick the Railing option, it goes all the way up to the second floor.  Since we were already under contract, we would get that option at no additional cost!!

A nice little bonus that since we are the 5th(and maybe last) Venice in our community, no one else will have.

Next up...NVR update


  1. Congrats on getting the full railing at no added cost! Definitely a nice surprise. I look forward to seeing the progress on your house. We are also building in NEO.

  2. Great exterior choices!! We will have the same siding, shake and stone and door colors. The only difference is that I will have red shutters. I will make sure I post pics so that you can see how the exterior will look before yours is built. :)

    That is great news about the full railing! I decided against it because it was just the lower part of it and I didn't think it was worth it. If the full railing was an option, I definitely would have re-considered.

  3. Thats awesome about the are going to LOVE the look.