Monday, October 24, 2011

Getting my footer in the door...

Well despite the early AM rain here in Ohio, when my wife went by our lot tonight, true to our PM's word we had our footers poured!  She sent me a picture message, along with the text "It looks so tiny", which made me laugh as I recalled how many times I had seen that in the Ryan Homes blogs.

So I guess now we see if the walls get poured on Wednesday, and if they do I would assume framing would start next week if the lumber arrives.  But for now I am enjoying what we have now.  Which is this...


  1. Very nice!! =)

    Got your email! This is on my update list! =)

  2. It's so funny how the footers always look so small. I remember seeing mine and thinking "omg they are building the wrong house!". Lol. Now it's HUGE!! Congrats! Looks great! It will go so fast now.