Friday, October 21, 2011

Now THATS a hole!! (Or Day 3)

In my daily sojourn through our community, I spotted the dozer being put back on the flatbed, and the dump trucks headed out onto the main road.  So I thought they must be finished on our site, and drove back to investigate.

When I got out of the car, this is what I saw.

Since the rain held off today, they were able to finish the dig, and hopefully the footers will get poured Monday.  Since ours is the last lot on our side of the street, they had to truck all the dirt to another site in the community, where I guess its being used to smooth out some potential lots.

On a side note, it must have been someones 30 day or 10 month repair day, as there were about 6 trucks with various crews in them.  I was able to spot painting equipment, and I think some drywall stuff in another truck.

Everyone have a great weekend.  I'm guessing nothing will happen on my end.

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