Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 2

Not much to post from what went on yesterday.  As I thought this rain we are getting here in Northeast Ohio is hampering efforts.

Towards midafternoon yesterday, I received an email from our PM stating...

"Weather is killing us today.  We are going to be close to getting excavation done, but will finish up in the morning.  Footer will get poured Monday, and foundation walls should be poured Weds of next week.  Let me know if you guys need anything."

I thought about emailing him back with one word, "Sunshine", but sometimes people don't quite get my sense of humor, and I don't want to offend this guy.

No pictures of yesterday, but if they are finishing up today, I will get some tonight.


  1. I get sarcasm. But, you're right, some people get offended. Here's hoping the weather cooperates more next week for you!

  2. I thought your "sunshine" comment was funny. lol

    I know it's disappointing. I'm sorry. Hang in there!

  3. If your PM is like ours he will enjoy the kidding around...they have to...look at the job they have to multiple houses all at the same time where anything and everything can and will go wrong...they have to be very level headed to deal with the day to day problems without going crazy...I am sure he would have enjoyed it!