Sunday, December 11, 2011

Another Lost Weekend

Well, not really I guess...we did finish our Christmas shopping.

House-wise, wasn't as much action as I would have hoped.

I know there are only so many "nice" days left here in Northeast Ohio, and I hate to see one go by when there is stuff that could be accomplished on our exterior, and that needs done.  Our shake siding has yet to arrive on-site, so I guess that part can't be helped.

A stone guy prepped on Friday(afternoon), and on Saturday they got in front of the garage done, the side of the garage on the porch, and about 1/4th of the way on the house front itself.  Today there was nothing done.  I see as of right now there is only one day of rain on the forecast for Thursday, so maybe I am overreacting, but with closing coming up fast and a good portion of interior work to be done, also the aforementioned Christmas coming...

We have gotten all the doors painted and re-hung, the sills and baseboards filled and sanded and ceiling/wall painting done.  I guess I should check to see if there will be more coats applied or just touch-ups if needed.  Any input here would be appreciated.  The hardware was put on the doors, along with the springy door tired of that "sproing" noise real fast as my daughter went though the house.  I checked each door to make sure it closed and there were only two that didn't, but the hinge pins were not all the way in, so maybe that was the cause.  Also our coat closet door in the foyer, and master bath door have brass hinges, while all the others are nickel.

We did go to Lowe's last night to set up an appointment to get our windows measured for blinds, and a panel-track shade for the slider.  Apparently the installer will call me to set up the appt and then send the measurements to the store once he takes them and they will get with me for our choices.  I think a step or two could be eliminated there for efficiency's sake.

Until next time here are some various and sundry pictures.

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  1. Those are some of our fears too. We settle on 30th and there is still a lot of issues inside that haven't been addressed yet. If we were to go through for pre settlement at this point I think the walls would be covered in blue tape. I'm sure things will get moving.