Friday, December 23, 2011

"On A Cold Ohio Morning, Everything Is Gray"...

..."And there you are, bringing back some sunshine".

Well in this case the sunshine is metaphorical, but it was a good feeling to see our house with all its exterior trappings in place.  Our "winter" landscaping grade is done, along with the driveway and walk that will have to do until spring.  Getting up that gravel and into the garage may be a bit of a challenge when the snow and ice come, but we will see.

Interior-wise everything is coming together.  For the past few days the drywallers have been there doing the rough finish in the garage, and all the places inside that needed attention.  The carpeting in our daughters room was pulled up to isolate a floor squeak and is back in place, but I think it needs secured a little better around the baseboards.

A plumber was there a couple days and had all the toilets up and it looked like all my drains were getting colonoscopies, since they had things running down them.  There must have been some sort of issue, as they had to cut the carpet in the basement to get to the drain pipe in the floor.  Have to find out what that was about.

The window they have to replace is in the garage, along with the cabinet door face, and drawer on the island that needed replaced.

The painters need to come back and do some touch-up work, and the one thing that needs done that is catching my eye is at the front door.  There is a piece of quarter-round where the wood laminate meets the door frame that has nails is it, but lifts right up. I also noticed light coming around the the door when its closed, with a nice little draft playing accompaniment.  I don't know if the remedy for that is insulating felt, or they adjust the frame...

All-in-all I am comfortable where we are in relation to our tentative close on Thursday.  Our PM says the cleaning crew will be in Monday, and then his workers will probably be there all day Tuesday catching  the last-minute stuff.  He said the final inspection is scheduled, which I assume is on Wednesday.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas if you choose to recognize the holiday.  But if you prefer another variation of the season, enjoy that too.


  1. So pretty. Can't wait to see inside and after settlement to see it all full and decorated. Our final inspection is Tuesday so we are settling around the same time! Such a great start to the new year.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Looks great! Can't believe how quickly it all came together. Look forward to seeing pics of the inside.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. take it kind of easy...take it kind of slow...Congrats on the house!