Saturday, December 3, 2011

Siding - Check!!

I went to our house this morning, and our siding guy was there finishing up the siding portion of our house.  I chatted with him a couple minutes and he told me that the shake siding hadn't arrived yet, but should be in this week, and he would be back to put that on.

From the conversation my wife had with our PM, next week things will start to happen quickly, but he suggested not coming by so often and we would see more progress when we did stop by.  I think he was a little concerned that we were perceiving little to no progress with drywall week going on, and he wasn't implying to stay away, but if each of us are stopping by daily and 4 hours apart it would look like nothing was getting done.  Sound advice, but since this is the only house I will ever have built, I am coming by alot!

Our drywallers have finished what they can, and are ready to go onto the next step.  I think the stone guys will start on Monday(fireplace and front), and I think painting will begin too. There was more but I can't recall it right now.  I will have drywall pics soon, but for now here are some siding ones.


  1. I love the black shutters! I'm shooting myself for not staying with a safer, more neutral shutter color.

  2. Thanks Noey!

    SW, I like the look of all your colors together. I wanted to go with that color originally but was outvoted...don't know how that happens with just one other voting body, but it does.