Monday, December 26, 2011

Counting Down Hours Now.

So here we are at signing week.  Allegedly Thursday at 9 AM, we are to be at the Title Office to sign for our house.  I say allegedly because until we are there, I am of the mindset that things could go wrong, and we will be delayed.  So we will see.

Today the cleaners were there, and tomorrow our PM said he will have workers there all day for last minute fixes.  Seems kind of counter-intuitive to have the cleaners come in while there is still some(in my eyes) some rather big fixes, but I will keep the faith that it will all come together.  For my money, they can keep working until our walk-through at 1 PM Thursday.

So today I took some pictures of our almost-finished product, and here they are.

5 ft shower instead of tub.

Still loose exhaust fan.

MBR closet.

Master Bedroom

Looking down hall from MBR.

4th bedroom/Multi-purpose room.

Daughters Room.

Guest Room

Daughters/Guest Bathroom

Laundry Room

Full railing instead of capped wall.

Railing going upstairs.

Entering front door.

We will make this a living room.


Family Room from Kitchen.

Kitchen from Family Room.

Morning Room from Kitchen.

Kitchen from Morning Room.
Top of stairs to ManCave

Stairs to ManCave

Basement 1/2 Bath

Office Area
Looking towards Entertainment Area

More of Entertainment Area

Laundry Tub in unfinished area.

Rest of unfinished area.

So you can see there are a couple things that still need attention.  The Master Bath exhaust fan, and the carpet in the office area where they had to cut to access the drain.  The hole in the ceiling in that area is where they have to put an access cover for the hose bib shut off.  That didn't get cut out when they drywalled.  I also discovered today that there IS a floor heating/cooling vent in the powder room, but it got tiled over and never cut out.                                                                                                              

And just for the sake of full disclosure, when I was taking pictures today, somehow I forgot to take some of the Foyer area, so the ones I included are ones from a previous visit.


  1. Everything looks great!! Good luck with closing and the move! Looking forward to seeing how your new space looks with furniture :)

  2. What are your feelings about the mantel not going along the full width of the fireplace?

  3. So far it doesn't seem to be an issue. I've never lived in a home with a fireplace before, so having a mantel is kind of new to me.