Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We have stuff!!

Hello Readers!!

Well, again I must apologize for a prolonged absence, but this time it is for good reason.  I have had to spend the last 4 days digesting a hat after my bold proclamation that I would eat said headgear if my siding guy didn't show up last Sunday.  Well, not only did he not show up last Sunday, he hasn't been back since!  I am giving him the benefit of the doubt, as our Ohio weather has been rainy and even a little snowy today.  But the next couple days seem like they will be dry at least, so hopefully our siding will get done.

On the work related front, the mudders and tapers have been busy working and from what they told my wife, they will be done tomorrow.  I stopped by after work and they were gone but I could see some progress and they have gotten almost all the ceilings done with whatever that texture stuff is.

Our refrigerator receptacle has been uncovered from its drywall burial, but I am concerned over a couple other outlets that may be covered.  On our wall next to the cold air return going towards the Family Room, it seems there should be a plug, as its a big enough area to put something, but there is nothing there.  Any fellow Venice readers got anything there?

On Monday our counter tops showed up in our garage, and today when I went there it was like Christmas!!  Cabinets, doors, hardware, mirrors, and other assorted goodies were stashed in there.  Also there were two pallets of stone in the yard for our elevation and our fireplace.  Yay!!  I am looking forward to our weekly email from our PM to see whats getting done on what days next week. Sadly, I think we will be locked out soon, and my after work stops will come to an end if the workers aren't there, since our community doesn't have a full-time sales rep in the office to get a key from.

That's all for now, but here are some pictures.


  1. Looks great. Love that full garage feeling!

  2. =) It's funny, you never think boxes in your garage would make you so happy. lol I know the feeling!

    hope the siding guy comes soon!

  3. On the wall next to the cold air return (the little nook area), I don't have a plug there either but there is one on on the short wall side of the nook area. Hope you know what that means. If not, I can mark it for you on the PDF floorplan. It's a good idea to check to make sure all the outlets, halfhots, etc are where they are suppose to be. One of my outlets got covered with drywall also.

    I waited forever for my siding to go up also. Hope they start on it soon!

  4. Oh, I marked where all the outlets and halfhots were located on my floorplan during the pre-drywall. If you like, I can make a copy for you, let me know. :o)

  5. Thanks SW...I "think" I know where you are talking about, but maybe if it wouldn't be too much trouble a little help would be great.
    Thanks much!!