Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Frustration then Relief

Well, last night we had our pre-drywall inspection and all went well.  Nothing out of the ordinary was found, and our PM was very complete in going over everything that had been done so far, and took the time to answer all our questions. 

So right now we are getting some inspections out of the way today and tomorrow, and Friday they begin insulating.  According to our PM they will start drywall on Tuesday.

You would think with nothing going on today it would be rather relaxing...but NOOOO.  What started it all off was when I went into our basement to get some clothes out of the dryer.  As I turned around I was staring straight at our upright freezer that will be coming with us, and going into the unfinished part of the basement.  Almost immediately I realized that there was no plug in the unfinished part for this freezer.  There is one plug near the sump, but I plan on plugging a battery back-up there, and a dehumidifier.

So once I got to work I emailed our PM, and he got back with me that it could be done and he would see that the late change fee would be waived.  But I would need to contact our sales rep as he didn't know the price and we would have to sign a change order.  Our normal rep wasn't at her community, so I tried the other one she handles, and got another rep who we have talked with before, but she wasn't sure of the price either and would submit the request to the cost manager.  The only bad thing is or PM said this would need to be decided on and executed today.  I didn't want to make a blanket "go ahead" statement, since the cost was up in the air, and was concerned it would be too much.

As this was going on, I also called our loan officer to check rates for our lock.  We were quoted 4.25% at the initial sales meeting, but in light of the recent decent in loan rates I was hoping for something lower.  Sadly we could only get it to 4.25, and I left that call still not locked.  I called my best friend whose advice I rely on in matters of finance for some words of wisdom, and at the end of that call I felt better about the 4.25 so I called the Loan Office back to lock in.

After that call was done I needed to call our Sales Rep as I was a bit short with her during our call and I felt bad about that.  There was some frustration coming through as I was certain I wasn't the first to want this plug put in, so I wasn't keen on having to wait for an amount.  Before I could even get my apology out, she told me that she had spoke to the PM and he had been looking into it on his end and they had gotten a figure that was quite acceptable to me.  So I gave the go ahead to get it done, and I will go by the office Friday to sign the change.

Once that call was done, I had to call my wife to tell her that we got the plug and were locked in our rate.  As I was talking to her, my call waiting flashed with our Loan Officers number showing, so I told her I would call her back.

I clicked over and he told me that his numbers weren't adding up right, so he called someone to look over it and he discovered that we did qualify for the 4%, and would I like to lock at that rate?  Needless to say I typed that email to him requesting that new rate as soon as we hung up!

So, even though I got off to a rough start this morning it all turned out well in the end.  Got a tasty rate, and our chest freezer will have a home between our laundry tub and sump pump in the basement.

Good Times!!

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  1. Wow! Sounds like that was one hectic day! I'm so glad it all worked out for you and everything turned out so well! YAY!!