Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I've Been Framed!!

Well, somewhat anyway.  The framers arrived sometime this morning after my wife and I had gone to work, and when she stopped by the lot at lunch this is what greeted her.

They had the floor down, and since I didn't see the I-beams, I guess those were put in their places in the foundation and also had started on the garage walls.

When she stopped by after work, THIS is what she saw...

Now that is progress.  I am almost positive that by the end of the day tomorrow(if the rain holds off), that the second floor will be done, and maybe a roof joist or two up.  But whatever gets done, I am thrilled with.

A couple questions for those that have made it this far.  Am I to assume that the lumber for the basement has been set down there and at some point will be suspended from the floor/ceiling before they pour the floors?
And also, at what point will the plumber come out to put the pipes that need to be put down before they pour, and when might the pour itself be done?

Thanks and happy building!!


  1. I am not at that point, rather just behind you. I have a good friend (licensed plumber) who used to plumb new houses years back. He told me to expect about 2-3 days from plumber to pour. That gives the first day for plumber to lay pipe, second for inspection, third to pour. I suppose any two can be combined on one day but gives you an idea. Hope this helps.

  2. Whoo hoo!! The house is looking good. Sorry I can't answer the basement questions. I hope someone else can.

  3. Looking good! And you are right, with good weather, it should be finished in no time!

    I also noticed in you pictures that you seem to be the only one of your neighbors with a morning room! =)

    I wish I had answers on the basement for you, but here we don't really have them unless you want shell out about $28G's for an unfinished one.

    Glad to see things moving along!

  4. Sgt Rich...Thanks for the input.

    Brandy...Thank you.

    Noey...On our side of the street, there are 5 homes. Venice w/m.r., Sienna-no m.r., Us, Sienna-no m.r., and a Sienna w/m.r. On the other side of the street there are 5 Siennas, none with m.r.