Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ready To Start

Yesterday the crews were out and put the PVC piping around the foundation, and did the back filling.  It took all day since they had to fill a dump truck, drive it to our lot, dump it, spread it, and repeat.  Got to say I was a little nervous watching that arm swing around our foundation as it moved the dirt.  But they did a great job.

Our lumber arrived today, and it seems like there is no room to move on our lot.  I spied a large waterproof bag with everything that had our plans in it, and I wanted to snatch it and take it home tonight to read and then drop it off in the morning, but calmer heads(my wife) prevailed.  I took these pictures in the morning, and when I went back tonight, they had also dropped off the tub and shower unit. 

So, according to our PM framing will begin tomorrow.   I am hoping the rain will hold of until they are done, but who am I kidding?


  1. hahaha I love the stealth mission you had planned! Your wife was probably right though. Smart man listening to her!

    WOW! Looks like this weekend you'll have a house!

  2. Ooo - is that what was in the waterproof bag? Darn, wish we had known that! Oh well. Agree that it seems like no room to put your lumber. Ours ended up on the street. Good thing no one on our street has taken delivery of their house yet - everyone is still under construction.

  3. How exciting!! I hope the rain holds out for you so that they can start framing. Once they start, it goes really fast.