Monday, November 14, 2011

Pre-Pre Drywall

Our Pre-Drywall inspection is set for tomorrow at 5pm.  I went by the house today and it was a hotbed of activity.

  • The gas lines got ran for our dryer and furnace and stove.
  • The HVAC guy tied all his loose ends up.
  • Plumbing was there doing our water heater.
  • Electrical was getting ran, and will finish tomorrow.
Over the weekend Guardian was there and got their stuff prewired, and the concrete guy was back cutting the garage floor.

Also the framers were back and put the rest of the walls up for the basement powder room, and the wall splitting the finished/unfinished portions of the basement, along with the frames on the staircases.

I went to a model Venice to measure window openings for our cellular shades and wooden blinds.  While I was at Lowe's checking prices, I had the sales lady work up a total for what we would like to have installed...GULP!!!  That didn't even include the Roller Track shade I want to put over the slider in the morning room.

But to take the sting out, there is a 15% off sale on Custom Bali shades starting on the 16th and going until mid-Dec, so the 4 cellular shades won't be so bad.  The wooden blinds will be store cut Levelor, and I will use the 10% off coupon that can be had from the post office in the change of address packets.

I wonder if for future purchases the 10% off through the Ryan Homes Advantage program is stackable with other discounts?


  1. Wow! It's amazing how so many things can be happening at once! Check out JcPenney for blinds. They carry both Levelor and Bali. You may be able to get a better deal there if they are having a sale. I'm a big fan of the black out cellular shades - they are one of the first items I plan to purchase for our new home!

  2. I found Sears had the best prices on blinds as long as you don't mind installing them yourself.

    Our house is just as busy right now - our pre-drywall is scheduled for Wednesday. So exciting.

  3. Im so anxious to hear how the pre-drywall meeting goes. Hopefully you will have some good tips for the rest of us!

    We have just started looking into blinds / window treatments. I also cannot believe how expensive they are! However, a custom fit really does make a big difference, and you will have them up for quite a while.

  4. You may already know this but Lowe's gives a 20% discount to all Veterens. No matter what you buy! All you need is a copy of your military discharge papers and your ID. My dad and husband use thiers all the time. Happy shopping!

  5. Gulp is right!!! We ended up with 51 blinds. Got them all from Budget Blinds. They came to the house and measured every window. After we picked out all the different styles we went by their store to get a look at bigger samples of both the styles and colors. All but 2 have been installed...1 was a totally custom shutter style for our arched bathroom window and the other one is because one of the solar shades for the sunroom was bad out of the box.