Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Went to check in on our house (guess I can't call it a lot anymore) today.  I saw that there has been a good deal of progress so far this week.

Most of all the HVAC ducting had been run and installed, the rough plumbing had been done and our tub and shower units upstairs were in place.  The wall between the kitchen and morning room was up, the roofers were there getting started.  They got the roof covered and were just finishing snapping chalk lines when it started to rain, so they called it a day.

But the best thing I saw was the cement truck, and getting our basement, garage, and front step poured!!

I took that opportunity to do the following...

The cement guys were really helpful in answering all my questions, and I think I will have them add a walkway between my driveway and garage service door, and a patio in back of the house when they come back in the spring to finish our driveway.  They were so friendly that I picked lunch up for them, and they seemed quite surprised.


  1. Awesome! Are those initials in the garage? I'm sure your edible token of appreciation was, well, appreciated! I hope we get to do something like that for our workers. I believe it does make a difference.

  2. Love your vandalizing! We have brought donuts and coffee for our workers. The framers got some and the plumbers got some. Tomorrow I might take some to the electricians and the roofers.

  3. I adore the initials and pennies. What a fantastic idea.

  4. Just going to throw this out there. Instead of just a concrete patio you should look at getting stamped concrete. Same durability but they can put some pretty amazing designs and colors into the concrete. If you look at ThriftyAmy's blog she got an amazing looking stamped concrete patio complete with grapevines and grapes.