Saturday, November 26, 2011

Getting Caught Up

Well, it sure has been a long time since I posted.  There has been a lot going on at our house, so lets dive right in.

The Friday after my last post, 11/18, when our PM said they would begin insulating, nothing happened.  I emailed our PM as I was a little concerned that my late change on the basement plug may have set things back.  He got back to me and said that wasn't the case, they would begin on Saturday.  All was well. In fact, later that day the insulation was delivered to the house so they could begin Saturday.

Drove by a couple times on Saturday, and there was zero activity!  This got me a little torqued, and I wanted to email our PM and see what was up, but my wife told me not to or else I was going to become a pest.  It took me a little while to get behind that idea, but once I figured when I drove by on Sunday and saw nothing going on, that would bolster my email beef.

So Sunday rolled around, and on my morning drive to our house as I came around the corner, sitting smack dab in my drive way was an insulation company truck!  The two guys were busy getting after it, so I left them alone, and at the end of the day the house was done.

Come Monday(love Jimmy Buffet), the drywall was delivered.  I was at work, but my wife drove by and got to watch the unloading in progress.  It sounded like quite the event, and she took some pictures which I will post soon.  To get the drywall upstairs they took out the closet window and loaded it in through the hole in the house.  Also the siding, shutters, soffits and trim were put in the garage.

Tuesday the drywall hangers were there, all 8 of them, and by the end of that day the drywall was all hung.  Something I didn't know, on the outer edge of the drywall sheets it was nailed to the joists, but inside the sheets they used screws to hold them down.  I thought they used nails only.

Wednesday had the arrival of the mudders and tapers.  This was a crew of two and they said they would be there Friday and Saturday, and I think Monday. 

Thursday of course was Thanksgiving, which we hosted at our current house for my wife's family.  After we ate, we loaded up a couple cars to take them up to give them the 50 cent tour.  Well...much to our surprise when we rounded the corner there was a guy working on our siding!!  Its a little Oriental gentleman somewhere in his 60's at least, who I recognize from one of my many drives through the community, when he was siding another house.  I couldn't believe he was there working, I was happy to see that, but surprised nonetheless.  He has been there every day since, just him, his ladders and scaffolding, and power tools.

Friday I took the mudder, taper, and siding guy some coffee and doughnuts.  They worked throughout the day and made good progress.  But since this is a multi-day job on both their ends, its a pretty uneventful trip to our house.  It is nice seeing the siding go up though.

Saturday, repeat Friday.  More mudding and taping(this time just one guy, apparently Friday night got to the other one), and the siding is coming along nicely.  I am guessing no drywall work on Sunday, but I will eat my hat if I go there tomorrow and I don't see my siding guy.  He only has the front to do, then the shake and stone(which I assume is a different crew)and a little on the back and side of the morning room, and he will be done. 

One thing that caught my eye on  our Turkey Day tour, was our refrigerator area.  I saw the ice maker rough in, but noticed there wasn't a plug cutout in the drywall.  I saw the plug when they did the insulation, but it must have been covered by the insulation when they did the drywall.  I emailed our PM and he got back to me and told me that they usually have a plug or two on EVERY(his caps) house they have to find.

On Black Friday my wife and I went out to get our refrigerator that was on sale.  Since we are getting GE appliances, we kept it in the GE family(the green lights will match), and picked up this model.

Then it was off to find a rug to put under our dining table in the Morning Room.  We have an idea of the furniture we want to get for the Family Room, and Living Room(we decided not to make the front room a Dining Room, but rather somewhere to sit), and we hoped to find a rug that would tie all the colors of furniture together along with the cabinets, flooring and counter tops.  This is what we decided on.

It looks a lot better when its not so fuzzy, but the Kohl's website wouldn't let me copy a bigger picture.

So that's where we are now. Hope everyone had a great holiday, and happy building!!


  1. WOW! You've been making a lot of trips to the house! That was nice of you to bring them food! I want coffee and donuts! lol

    Nice fridge!

    Happy Thanksgiving (late)!

  2. Yeah, I do go by there an awful lot. That's the downfall of living so close to the house. Not to mention that this is something that at times I still think isn't really happening to me...
    I think I might be the first homeowner to drive by and visit as much as I have. Even before we signed a contract!!